Jun 1, 2009

Nurse Jackie!

I received an email from HBO shit its not HBO why do I always mix em up Showtime to check out the first episode of their new series Nurse Jackie. After Showtime brought me some of my all time favorite shows like Secret Diary of a Call girl, although it originated from London, and United States of Tara I knew that I would not be disappointed in Nurse Jackie. Check out the 1st episode @ youtube! Only half an hour of pure awesomeness. Showtime has done it again to my heart. Realizing that I HAVE to get them now. Some of the comments are unexpected but I suppose the show is not for everyone.

Without giving out spoilers, it revolves around a nurse who is a lot like me. Hate people's interactions, really cares about patients and hates figures of authority that suck at their job. O, there seems to be drug abuse involved. Happy happy happy.

I have to admit, the first quarter of the show felt a little slow. I kept waiting for that "umph" that will make me fall in love with the show. Honestly, for me, it didn't come until the last few seconds when she kept repeating "make me good god, but not yet". Flawless. I might be a little over excited about the show but who cares? I don't. Edie Falco does a good job but I think the strength of the show is the actual story and how the other characters come and go. I think that if it was only Nurse Jackie if wouldn't be as good as it is now. Also nurse Mohammed might actually be gay! Wait, his character is gay. I wonder if that's going to get any fire.

I do like Nurse Jackie, she kind of does things that are completely wrong/unethical/illegal but you know that you wish you had the guts she did. I do. Maybe I do what she does sometimes but no one will ever know about them since there isn't a TV show about me.

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