May 20, 2009


After I saw the previews for Glee I was intrigued. The kind of humor I came to expect from 30 Rock looked like it oozed out of Glee. Some, bottom of the barrel, high school students are in a singing club called Glee and have to over come their loser selves. That's all I gathered from the preview. I was very attracted, in many ways, to the cast. I thought Jessalyn Gilsig was very good in Nip/Tuck and was looking forward to watching her post Heroes.

There are also Matthew Morrison0, as the professor who tries to resurrect the Glee club back to its glory days, Jane Lynch , who is the merciless coach of the cheer leading squad and an Asian Jenna Ushokowitz , who seems to have a stuttering problem, and you have a recipe of happy summer terebi. Let's not forget Jayma Mays! There's a wide range of characters so there will sure be one you like the most or identify with the most. Almost always those two are the same. Unless you love to hate yourself.

I found that there is some sort of honest humor to the show. A very optimistic, or maybe self centered, Rachel asks Morrisono's character if he really thinks someone on a wheelchair will get a lead role in a musical named "sit down, you're rocking the boat" in front of the wheelchair boy. Normally I would wait for the teacher character to let Rachel know she's out of line or for the wheelchair boy to tell her that she doesn't know what it feels to be unable to dance. Instead he tells her that she should see the irony that enhances the musical. What irony?

You should watch the pilot. It did get a little corny for few minutes towards the end. I don't know anything about high school but if felt real... which might mean that it's not like high school. This has potential! The only issue I might have is if they will start having more than two FULL songs/performances each episode.

May 15, 2009

Fashion Show? really?!

It's not often that I witness reality TV at it's worst. Yea right! Who am I kidding. It seems like it has been a wind of disasters that you keep watching, knowing fully that this tornado might come after you and sallow your house.

There has been some talk about Project Runway returning to TV this summer but @ its new home Lifetime. It seems to me that the Bravo did not want to let go of Project Runway was that

Lifetime won and Project is scheduled to air this coming summer.

Bravo now is airing a new show called "The Fashion Show". It sounds like like 4th of July without the firworks, to me. I really think it's an insult to the audience when a network begins showing, to what I think, is an ill fittedproduced show.

Nevertheless, it is rather dramatic. For few moments I wondered if Bravo picked contestants based on personality or talent.

First things first, the lightning seemed extremely dull. Brighter light makes things better. You should know this Bravo. Also, Issa Mizrahi as a judge is really distracting because his hair is all over the place. Reminds me of that song that goes something like "with a hair hair here and hair hair there". Speaking of hair, why are the contestants dressed so horribley?! By the way, I refuse to call them designers, that word is resreved for Project Runway. Kelly Rowland is dull to infinity and beyond.

In the first challenge, the designers contestants were divided into 3 teams, come up with one basic piece of shit and then pair it with 5 different other pieces and present them together in a fashion show. There were hammer pants!

I do have favorites. I acutally really liked the winning look by James-Paul. He looks Asian but his name is James? I also am happy the eliminated designer left. He just had something that could come out of forever19. Yuck. Also, Reco will provide much much drama during this season. I hope he doesn't get kicked out anytime soon. Good times to come because of him. Just like being in a circus.

The Show does promise a lot of laughter. Here are few HAI-larious lines. Mostly provided by Merlin the wizard. He would make some sense half of the time but between his accent and his inproper use of verbs is just too much to handle.

Merlin: it's male domination girl, get it"
Daniella: male? where?

Merlin: it's something 5 and up *talking about his dress*
Issa: you mean after five o'clock?
Merlin: yes yes

I will probably watch the show but I'm not sure if it's worth writing about.